Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Imagine having an illness called, Happiness. This illness would well, do what it says, make you happy. All days, all hours, happy. Sounds good doesn't it? being eternally happy no matter what.
I mean, we all strive towards happiness don’t we? Whether in the pursuit of a good career, a life partner, a nice home with a family, we all want it, continually asking ourselves, am I happy? Does my job, my spouse, my life, make me happy? It stands to reason then that this happiness illness would be more a gift than an illness, wouldn't it? You’d be the life and the soul of any party or gathering and there would be the problem. You’d be happy when it isn't appropriate, the announcement of the death of a loved one, at a funeral, when the general mood is low, when watching a sad film, when your partner is sad and is looking for some comfort or empathy, happy. Regardless of the mood or tone you’d be a constant ray of sunshine.
‘How are you?’ you might ask a mate.
‘Not the best actually, my marriage is breaking down and I think I am too,’ they might reply.
‘Shame. Still it’s a great day isn't it? You've got to love life!’
How annoying would that get?

Very. Yet that is what faces a depressive, not constant happiness but constant sadness, on and on no matter what the weather, mood or tone, sadness.

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