Sunday, 7 July 2013


I had a dream about her again. They are becoming a bit more frequent at the moment.
This one was a bit different from the others I've mentioned. Again , we were together, or back together but later on she became a memory. During this the ability to create a hologram of her from my memories and then project itself in front of me; I could hold her, see her smile talk but not hear any sounds. The longer time when without her the image became more a guess on the part of the machine using my memories to fill in the missing bits and pieces.
It's left me wanting to get in touch with her. To tell her that I do miss her greatly and would love to hold her.
but I know this wouldn't achieve much, aside from make me feel a little better. 
Would I get the same answer? Would I get any answer?
The image never matches does it?
If I wasn't so weary my writing and explanation would probably be a lot better and maybe, garner me a lot more views and readers.

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