Thursday, 6 February 2014

Vuoto A Perdere

The title subject is a song by the Italian songstress, Noemi. I got into her music during my honeymoon to Italy about 4 years ago. It was something both myself and the (then) wife liked so much that we bought the album. We'd initially seen the video for the song on Italian MTV and enjoyed it a lot.
Now, however, when I listen to it there is so much emotional thought, memory and feeling tied up that as soon as those first notes register I'm transported right back to our time in Italy and of our general times together in an intense explosion of memories. 
Songs can work both ways I guess, good memories, bad memories and memories that were good but which you'd rather hide away for the time being as when they are brought to the surface they tend to hurt some.
This song though is something that when I used to listen to it it would make me emotional anyway, as, when we were still together, it was my way of going over our honeymoon in Italy and I guess I programmed it into my mind so that now this song will forever be tied up with that time and those memories of us. Never did I think that it'd work against me though.
It can't be helped I guess, not now. Memories and experiences will always make some sort of mark, be they good or bad and that's something else I need to try and live with.

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