Friday, 5 December 2014

London calling

I had a trip to London at the start of this week regarding a potential job abroad. The last time I went to London was about a year ago prior to leaving for Boston. 
What I was still pleased about was that I still do enjoy going to London, it hasn't lost it's novelty factor for me yet. 
Time spent travelling whether by road or rail and looking at the passing streets with their famous names and the big landmarks still make me smile inwardly and outwardly. When going I always make sure that I have certain songs on my player too that evoke the capital whenever I play them.

They are:
The Streets 'Original Pirate Material'
Madness anything and everything by them
The Jam, again anything and everything by them
Trainspotting soundtrack

When I used to gig and before I-pods and before I had the funds to buy one I used to take my portable CD player and in that I would place the aforementioned albums. 
It could be a bit awkward, carrying those cd's and the suchlike but I had to have music with me when travelling. For one thing, it helps create a mood and it also always calms me down. It's something I've done since I was a child and had a cassette Walkman copy player. 
I remember one occasion where a teacher suggested I used one when I was on a school trip in France back in 1985. 
I was feeling ill and very homesick and after I just about managed to calm down the teacher suggested using a pal's Walkman to listen to and so I did just before sleep and in bed. It worked and is something I've used ever since, whether to calm myself down when younger and travelling or to relax and fall asleep to and sink in to after a bad day, of which I've had a few these past few years. Recently certain albums and songs have really connected with me whenever I've had bad times and if I haven't listened to those tunes for a while it's almost like an aural blanket that welcomes and envelopes me when I plug in to those tunes, those soothing and understanding tunes. It almost feels as if we have a direct connection from song to head, a main line. And it feels wonderful, like an audio hot water bottle.

This song I've put here is by The Streets. I love the song and it was one I listened to before going out on the sauce and when I'd come back as well. I don't know what it is about the song, maybe it's the tower block cover or just the theme of the tunes but it always puts me in mind of London, despite Mike Skinner being from Birmingham and mentioned that city in the song. Still, songs rarely make sense when they evoke what they do and for me this tune will always be associated with London and trying to keep those nerves at bay.

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