Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Running up that Hill

Right now I am trying to build for the future, my future. 
I'm nervous, very nervous in attempting it. Mainly because past experiences have taught me  that it can go wrong. My attempt at building feels as though it is all being constructed on a foundation of sand. Seemingly solid until a big waves comes along and crumbles it all away until it comes crashing down all around me with a huge bump and a bang that will reverberate in my ears for weeks to follow.
This has manifested itself in my trying to get back into competitive football, goalkeeper position to be exact. Now, this hasn't always worked out how I would have liked. 
My first game in goal, Futsal. Was stressful and I didn't exactly paint myself in any glory what-so-ever. The next game after some coaching went better. I had some tools to use. 
Last week, not so as anyone who read my last blog entry will know. Last night too started off well and then went down-hill. A couple of errors and it felt like that was it for me after that. Uphill all the way, trying hard to make up for the errors by pulling off save after save. Not so. I think I got one good one and one minor one after that. Getting a whack in the chops didn't help either, (If my writing suddenly goes allmafffaskknff then you'll know pumpkin)
I also played 11-a-side last weekend for the first time since '98. Only this time in goal. Again, not brilliant. Learning on the job, as it were, a few positives and mistakes to learn from. It certainly wasn't as bad as I thought it would be though. 
Prior to the game, I was thinking about it and worrying about it. What would they think of me if I messed up? Would I get shouted at? Sworn at? How would I even perform? So many doubts questions and fears that pushed out any sort of enjoyment I should have got from the game completely. In the second half with the sun and wind behind me I didn't feel a little better. I'd started talking to my back 4 a bit more and despite a couple of errors, I did at least feel a little bit more confident. By the end I felt ok, feeling like I had achieved something by getting there and getting through the whole match.
I'm also slowly progressing through my football coaching, putting my name down for various goalkeeping coaching courses. Away from that and back to my old creative endeavors I've also written and sent off a play about suicide. With regards to relationships however, well that isn't happening and that's probably just as well.
Last night I had very emotional dreams regarding my black and my ex-wife. I awoke with damp eyes a I spent most of the dreams crying.That was the most prominent feature of my dreams. Being a a highly emotive state throughout and I'm sure she was involved at some level or other.
So, as you can see, I'm trying. 
I guess all I can do is plans and hope for the best, always mindful that if it wants to my black can come and strike me down whenever it wants to.

'Clenched fists, be brave...'

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