Wednesday, 18 June 2014

One Day Remains

As I've started to try and get back into writing and the book what I wrote, I've been listening to the music that I used to play as I created it. One of the bands, Alter-Bridge I really liked. 
I also shared them with my, now, ex-wife. They are also responsible for a very happy memory shared between me and her. 
After a short lived break up we started to get closer and one particular moment was when we both went to see Alter-Bridge play Cardiff Uni’ back in mid 2006. We both loved the album and decided to go and see them. The gig was superb, the support were fab’ and Alter Bridge were fantastic, the sound, the songs they chose, everything about that night was near perfect. It brought us closer together and would almost serve as the base from which the relationship would build and flourish.
The only trouble is, right here and now, with a divorce now behind me, this is the first time I've listened to that band and that album since we were together. I guess I avoided it, subconsciously more than anything. Now listening to it I’m overcome with happy memories, happy feelings and sad ones. Mostly because I can’t share that time or these songs with her now. It was something I used to do back then, listen to songs that would evoke memories of us and therefore arouse certain feelings. The rub now being, of course, is its power to bring about opposite feelings, reminders of her, us, the split. Like an aural water bomb exploding and drenching me in the past, for good or ill. 
Something else I need to try and deal with. I guess it has to be done. If I stop listening to bands that I liked because she liked them too, well, I won’t have that much to listen to in the future, eh?

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