Monday, 10 October 2016

I hid in bed, gladly. Hidden away from it.

My half marathon has been completed and what fun it was too. I had a bit of a cold but managed to not only go but complete it too. My anxiety was higher prior due to there being lots of people projected to go and I had a new place to stay in over-night as the transport down on the day wasn't good. I ran for Mind on the day which was nice and something I felt I needed to do considering why I took up running in the first place and everything else. It was a nice book end to all those early morning runs and long milers over the summer and something I would like to do again. But for now back to the usual running routine and getting ready for the darker evening and colder days. I like Autumn . It really chimes with me. The chilly air, the falling colourful leaves, the hot chocolates and the opportunity to stay in. More than usual and having good excuses to stay in too. Especially when it comes to the odd conversation regarding what you did over the weekend.
'No, I didn't do anything over the weekend. The weather isn't the best so I thought I'd stay in.'
Music listening, reading, video game playing, TV and movies, it's all there for me. The only fear for me is trying to work out if that is just the normal me prepping for Autumn/Winter or it is, 'it'? The fear of 'it' coming back to settle in is a scary one and one I have covered before but regardless the fear of it is very real and almost as bad as having it. Well, maybe not but still knowing what might come can be unsettling.
I suppose I will find out as the days roll into weeks and months and I relax into the chilly dark.
At least I have PF as my soundtrack.

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