Sunday, 18 January 2015

Show me the wonder

Another Sunday, another run done.
It was a bit longer and bit harder this time around but that's good as it means I'm always progressing with little steps. I was decked out in bright clothing and had no fear of not being seen out in the cold night air.
Every-time I run and every-time I'm starting to feel it in my legs or lungs as they start to feel fit to burst (sometimes when really bad I can feel it in my stomach too as that really does feel like it's going to pop) I always try and equate it to current anxiety problems and barriers. If I can get past this or run up this hill and not stop, I say to myself then I can overcome, whatever is on my mind or whatever is next in the following days. I always makes sure I have inspiring music, well inspiring to me anyway, that always pushes me that little bit further or just keeps me moving. I'm not racing, I'm running against myself and it doesn't matter how fast I'm going as long as I'm running and that I'm keeping on moving.
I just have to remember that when I'm not running.
Like the song says, moving just keep on moving.

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