Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Bit by bit, drive by drive.

It hasn't been too bad a month. I have managed to secure myself a lill' part time job, get back to some sort of sleeping routine and take up a new sport that I was threatening to back in 2008 when a Bruce Springsteen gig seemed to put paid to it all. Well, that and various other weekend activities at that time.
The new sport, cricket, has seen me travel through an area of the county that I haven't been in or through since my time with her. It has been 'interesting' to drive through those areas again and, this weekend gone, even more 'interesting' to pass through the town we used to live in together. I hadn't been there since 2012 and so to drive through it this past Saturday really opened up feelings of nostalgia in me, feelings I knew would come but still made me feel quite melancholic and backward looking still. The drive back even more so as I thought back to our times in that town, times together driving that road we had taken many times previous. It made me a little sad and, as I say, quite nostalgic but it didn't have the heavy effect I though it would. I expected a numbing feeling to overwhelm but it did not. 
Feelings about her were more in the reverse, looking back rather than full of regrets and wishes to be with her. 
Those feelings don't appear any more which I can only take as good thing and a sign of a progress that is continuing.

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