Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sleeping Beauty

It feels like Autumn.
Upon waking it felt like it, either due to the drop in temp, the fact that it's the first day of September or the down beat tone of my dream. Or a combination of them all.
It was a dream that involved rescuing someone from a rough sea that was, for some reason, making up the road between two buildings and also contained some cos-play with me dressed up like a Stormtrooper, (have always wanted to do that, either as Boba Fett, TIE Fighter Pilot or a Biker-Scout!). After that I was in bed in a house I can't recall staying in and my former wife appeared. some sort of argument had occurred, the atmosphere between us was strained as sometimes it could be. I'm not sure what it was about but what I do recall was us trying to talk about it and me making her laugh which was something that always broke the tension and is what, I think, in the long run kept us together despite the numerous bizarre arguments we had.
Upon waking, however, I did feel down. Not because of the tone of the dream but the fact that I initially thought it was real and she and I were together. But no, she's not there, as that old Zombies song went.
I like Autumn; the coolness, it's blustery background that soon brings about a change in leaf and sky colour, but this morning was not a good start.
Time for some tea.

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