Sunday, 23 June 2013

Distractions from the doggie

In an effort to distract myself from er.. myself. I will now write some musings on sitcoms that I have been watching, either through choice or through a dozy depressed induced sort of non-choice.
So then...

2 Broke Girls

1) What can you say about this show apart from, shite?
2) This show appears to suffer from Liver Bird syndrome, that being people only watch to see the brunette in it.
3) If Kat Dennings leaves this show it'll disappear from our screens quicker than Jimmy Saville fronted 'Top of the Pops' reruns.


1) Why is Ted getting more cloying, mawkish and annoying the longer this show goes on?
He appears to be in continuous arrested development.
2) Why hasn't Barney contracted some sort of awful STI yet and why hasn't any of the women he's shacked up with spread the word about him being a potentially STI infected slag?
3) Shouldn't those 'kids' at the start of the show be actual adults by now?
4) Marshall, again why is he getting more annoying and punchable the longer the show goes on?

The Big Bang Theory

1) Raj, an insufferable prat or an annoying git?
2) Since being married, why does Howard insist on that bloody awful early 60s Beatles haircut?
3) Why is it that Leonard never ever takes off his coat, especially when indoors and at home?  And why do none of them ever have any sort of lounge-manky-chill-out-at-home wear?

King of Queens

1) Fat bloke, attractive bird, who argue near constantly and put themselves in situations that would end any other relationship? About as believable as me and my happy face.
2) Er.... that's it really. The first one tops anything that could follow. 
Even George Costanza's dad living with them.

Rules of Engagement

1) Claudia from 'Grounded for Life' married to Puddy from 'Seinfeld'?! See King of Queens point 1.
2) Russel, see HIMYMother point 2.
3) That Timmy bloke, why does he insist on calling his boss 'sir' in and out of work?
And, despite having a flat generic English accent, what's with the, 'I'm from South Africa' quips every-time someone says so? Not with that accent broo. You sound about as South African as Russel Brand. Broo.

Phew! I feel much better.
Until tomorrow, of course but still, small mercies and all that.

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