Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Mixed bag dreams

My dreams lately are all over the place, very little tie-ing them together and a bit more surreal than usual. Some might say they were nightmarish but to me it's like a good film in my head. most of the time, my nightmares are based on atmosphere and feeling than imagery. 
Anyway, they were violent and had distinct Mad Max with Prodigy overtone to them. As well as dealing with my gas mask obsessions.
It started off with some fella who everyone was convinced had changed for is violent ways but whenever he went near me would try and choke me, yet every-time anyone saw it they could n't see it Another part of the dream had me battling the Prodigy with a nail gun, afterwards, a big battle that 'we' had won, they all had these gas masks on with eye pieces that were full of neon gassy blue. Throughout the dream it was dark too, like a horror movie that only has daylight at the end when all is done and alls well. No day light in mine but that's good. So yeh, dreams are all over since coming off meds and my head is swimming, or rather it feels like it is as soon as i get up, like my inner spirit level has shifted from left to right harshly. It's an odd feeling.
So, 4am and the birds are tweeting.
What can I cram into my gap in the clouds today?

I 'ear thunder, but there's no rain.....

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