Friday, 28 June 2013


My head is all over, kinda like its in a 60's psychedelic video, swaying, warped, dizzy.
As soon as I get up I can feel it, like someone is grabbing and shaking my head like a snow-globe.
Inside I can feel a tightness an irritability wrapped up in nausea silently throbbing away. I'm quick to anger right now, feeling brittle as a frosty spider web and as cold as one too. Remember my older post, irritated by everything, pleased by nothing? That's what i'm feeling right now. I've been off the meds for a week and am due on the new lot tomorrow. More side effects; either way you get them, on/off or in-between and this damn hay-fever is a distraction that is just pilling on the annoyance right now.
The urge to SI and the urge to fling this bastard laptop against a wall and watch it break is strong.
But best not eh? I'd regret it. Must keep it in the now, this bastard hay-fever, itch itch! Like some damned little imp is in the middle of my throat tickling at my throat and ears.
Such eruditeness eh? 

Hate goodness ... I want everyone corrupt...

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